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Six Updates

Wed 04/23/2003, 3:39:41 am PDT

  posted by Voyager

Tons of new updates this time around since I have been absent from this site for what seems like (and probably was) a very long time. Here are five projects that have new releases:

  • XU4 0.6 - This time with lots of vendor and combat fixes; xu4 is getting awfully close to being playable!
  • Virtue of Humility 3.0413 - A bunch of bugfixes plus the missing quest for the Rune of Humility was added.
  • UW Adventures 0.7 (Muffin) - These codenames keeping getting stranger and stranger. ;)
  • UW2 Revival 11-11-2002 - I have declared this to be the first B release as the main parts for object interaction are in place. Just the objects are still missing...
  • Labyrinth of Worlds - Now featuring wearable items, conversations, and better performance.

And there is one new project added today, another multiplayer U5: EUO. Check them out and have fun! More is on the way...

The First Age of Darkness falls into Darkness

Tue 02/25/2003, 6:25:55 pm PST

  posted by Voyager

Sadly, the authors of the Ultima 1 3D Remake have decided to halt work on this amazing remake due to legal concerns with EA. This, of course, will sadden many Ultima fans as this was the most anticipated 3D remake project according to our previous poll (and one of the few with a demo).

That said, Perixode has not abandonded the U1:ALR engine. They are now refocusing their efforts on a new game, Era: The Arken-Throne, an Ultima-inspired work.

For posterity, The Reconstruction will continue to host the latest (and now final) U1:ALR demo. You can read the full text of Peroxide's disclosure on their message board.

The Quicksword is Found!

Wed 01/29/2003, 9:03:00 am PST

  posted by Voyager

Enildo Sage and his team have begun the second stage of Enilno - The Ultima 2 Project. But this remake is a bit different in that it departs quite a bit from the original. Rather than recreating Earth during Minax's ascension to power, they've attempted to envision what Sosaria (or the Lands of LB) might have been like under her oppression.

Ultima 7 Remixed

Tue 01/28/2003, 8:53:50 am PST

  posted by Voyager

Hey all... there's another U7 project out there called U7 Black Gate Remixed. Well, actually it's been around for quite a while. The project will address many plot/continuity incosistancies, add many new features and side quests, as well as encorporate some of UW2's story. Check it out!

Updated Link for U6P

Tue 01/28/2003, 8:33:06 am PST

  posted by Voyager

Just received an FYI from the U6P team. The Ultima 6 Project changed their domain name to www.u6archon.com as apparently the old one was lost to someone else. The link has been updated.

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