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Classic Remakes

An Ultima Remake project is a fan-based effort to rewrite an Ultima game from scratch, usually with a much more modern interface and advanced technical features. Classic remakes are true to the original feel and style of the game. The game content and interface is, for the most part, left unmodified.

47    Akalabeth 2K1

Wandering the land of Akalabeth... Wandering the land of Akalabeth...

Produced By: MinerJr
Web Site: geocities.bootstrike.com/Minerjr Productions/akalabeth/akalabetho.htm
Status: Complete

    Remake 2K1 Beta 1.02 (4 MB)
    Remake 2K1 U7 Graphics Addon (296.4 kB)
    Remake 2K1 3D Dungeons (175.4 kB)
    Remake 1 Final (664.2 kB)

This is MinerJr's series of Akalabeth remakes. As the picture demonstrates, his games have much more colorful graphics than RG's original. The first version is complete and there will be no more updates. The second version, while still in development, also features a U7-based graphics addon and 3D dungeons.

113    Aklabeth

Produced By: Paul Robson
Web Site: www.autismuk.freeserve.co.uk
Status: Complete

    Aklabeth 1.0 Source (229.6 kB)

This an SDL-based port of Akalabeth written by Paul Robson. No binary version of this project is available.

22    Alter-U9

A shop from the RM95 engine A shop from the RM95 engine

Produced By: Moa Dragon (Lead)
Web Site: eriadain.multimania.com
Status: Inactive

    Alter-U9 RM95 (4.3 MB)
    Alter-U9 RM2K (5.9 MB)

Alter-U9 (now known as Eriadain) was an effort to remake Ultima IX: Ascension with the "original plot" released by former U9 developer Bob White. Eriadain's developers have founded this project based upon the fact that many Ultima fans felt the story in the released version of U9 was considerably wanting (for lack of a better word) and was but a shadow of both the intended vision and the fans' expectations for U9.

Two demo versions of the early Alter-U9 were released using the RPG Maker (RM95 and RM2K) gaming engines. However, Moa then changed engines from RPGMaker to NeverWinter Nights so as to induce a more Ultima-esque and lest Final Fantasy-ish feel. The project was also then renamed to Eriadain.

106    DrashRL

A top-down view of the Drash arena A top-down view of the Drash arena

Produced By: Santiago Zapata
Web Site: www.santiagoz.com/web/
Status: Active

    DrashRL 0.32 (1.3 MB)

This is remake of Ultima: Escape from Mount Drash as a Roguelike game. Unlike the original Mount Drash, the view is entirely top-down (being fashioned after Rogue). But Santiago has also styled the interface so the game looks much more like the rest of the Ultima series.

12    Exult

Castle of Fire, now available in windowed mode. Castle of Fire, now available in windowed mode.

Produced By: The Exult Team
Web Site: exult.sourceforge.net
Status: Active

    Black Gate Adlib SFX (4.6 MB)
    Serpent Isle Adlib SFX (5.9 MB)
    Black Gate MT32 SFX (6.2 MB)
    Serpent Isle MT32 SFX (7.7 MB)
    Version 1.2 (Win32) (2 MB)
    Version 1.2 (Fedora RPM) (1 MB)
    Version 1.2 Source (Fedora RPM) (1.6 MB)
    Exult Tools 1.2 (Fedora RPM) (274 kB)
    Exult Studio 1.2 (Fedora RPM) (254.6 kB)
    Version 1.2 Source (1.6 MB)
    Version 1.2 (Mac OS X) (1.4 MB)
    Version 1.2 (Sharp Zaurus) (1.4 MB)

Exult is an ambitious and successful effort to rebuild and enhance the Ultima VII engine from scratch to run on multiple platforms. It can run both parts 1 & 2, The Black Gate and Serpent Isle, through to completion. The developers have added other enhancements along the way: status bars for the party, paperdolls in BG, wide-angle overhead views, and digital sound effects. Currently, Exult has released version 1.2, and is focusing on enhancements for future mod development in version 1.4. The engine requires the SDL graphics library.

From the Exult webpage:

Ultima 7, an RPG from the early 1990's, still has a huge following. But, being a DOS game with a very non-standard memory manager, it is difficult to run it on the latest computers. Exult is a project to create an Ultima 7 game engine that runs on modern operating systems, capable of using the data and graphics files that come with the game.

You can always get the latest code snapshot, in addition to several different U7 tools, from the Exult website.

105    Mount Drash for the PC

Gremlin!  Run away! Gremlin! Run away!

Produced By: Telemachos Dragon
Web Site: www.peroxide.dk/projects_old.shtml
Status: Complete

    Mt Drash (459.5 kB)

Telemachos disassembled the VIC-20 version of Ultima: Escape from Mount Drash and rewrote it entirely for the PC. Although he was not able to port the music from the original, he preserved many of the game's algorithms to keep it as close to the original as possible.

78    Neat Ultima V

North - Britain, South - Paws North - Britain, South - Paws

Produced By: Gradilla Dragon (Lead)
Web Site: nu5.sourceforge.net
Status: Inactive

Similar in concept to xu4, Neat Ultima 5 (or nu5 for short) aimed to build a U5-clone that runs off the original game's data files. Sadly, there have been no updates from this project in several years time so it appears to be inactive.

77    Nuvie

The Avatar relaxes for a drink The Avatar relaxes for a drink

Produced By: Eric Fry (Lead)
Web Site: nuvie.sourceforge.net
Status: Active

    Nuvie 7-30-2006 (MacOS X) (1.7 MB)
    Nuvie 03-14-2007 (Win32) (888 kB)
    Source 03-15-2007 (2.9 MB)

Nuvie is an opensource rewrite of the gaming engine of Ultima VI: The False Prophet using the original game's datafiles. Most of the game's basic features work properly, with the exception of some major elements such as magic and combat. Also, since the two Worlds of Ultima games (both Savage Empire and Martian Dreams) are based on U6's engine, they will also work with Nuvie in a limited fashion, but do not yet work as well as U6.

Since Nuvie is under constant development, check their website for the latest binaries or source code. They do take daily snapshots.

55    Pentagram

Pagan map in a window Pagan map in a window

Produced By: The Pentagram Team
Web Site: pentagram.sourceforge.net
Status: Active

    Pentagram Viewer (Win 32) (2 MB)
    Pentagram Viewer (Source) (401.6 kB)
    Pentagram 07-06-2006 (MacOS X) (3.5 MB)
    Pentagram 03-11-2007 (Win32) (1.5 MB)
    Pentagram 03-15-2007 (Source) (5.6 MB)

Formerly a map and object viewer for Ultima VIII: Pagan, it has now evolved into a cross-platform playable U8 engine. It's also known by some as "Exult for U8" since it was started by some of the members of the Exult Team, but their website says "Pentagram is not Exult", so keep that in mind.

Since they appear to take snapshots rather frequently, I may not always have the latest version, so check their website!

98    Savage Empire Conversion for Exult

A village in the Savage Empire A village in the Savage Empire

Produced By: Scythifuge

This project aims to recreate Savage Empire under the Exult engine. The project is presently in its early stages. For more information, see this thread on the Exult forums.

49    U3 Project

U3 with alternate tilesets and resolutions U3 with alternate tilesets and resolutions

Produced By: Render Dragon (Lead)
Web Site: www.xmission.com/~mhansen/ultima3/
Status: Inactive

    Test Release 3-27-2004 (184.1 kB)

This is an attempt to port Ultima III to Windows. Render Dragon's port, when complete, will support hi-res tilesets, multiple resolutions, and possibly MP3 audio.

U3 for Windows has three phases, of which the first two are complete. The first is to make a fully playable clone of U3. The second is to add multiple tileset support, multiple resolutions, cutscenes, and in-game docs. The third and final phase will offer an isometric perspective, larger party, characters that can join you in-game, and a more detailed world map.

8    Ultima 2 for Windows

U2 in a window with alternate palettes U2 in a window with alternate palettes

Produced By: John Alderson
Web Site: ultima2.voyd.net
Status: Complete

    Version 1.01 (151.7 kB)

This is a port of Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress that runs natively in MS Windows. Although the game still uses a 4-color palette, you can select among several other color schemes. You must own the original since this program uses its data files. Written in DirectDraw.

68    Ultima 4 - Virtue of Humility

Jhelom, City of Valor Jhelom, City of Valor

Produced By: George Stepan
Web Site:
Status: Active

    World Editor (754.3 kB)
    Version 4.0430 (U4 Tileset) (7.1 MB)
    Version 4.0529 (U5 Tileset) (7 MB)
    Source Code (Dark Basic) (556.4 kB)

A traditional Ultima IV remake written from scratch in Dark Basic. The game is offered with both U4 and U5 tilesets, and the author has published the complete source code. According to the website, this is the final version of the game.

Welcome to a rewrite of U4, a similar game with subtle differences, but playable like the one of old. Virtue of Humility is its title, because an optional module will be added for new adventures! This is a FREE game for those who are hard core Ultima fans!

97    Ultima 6 Conversion for Exult

Nystul's Lab from U6 in U7 graphics Nystul's Lab from U6 in U7 graphics

Produced By: mikefictiti0us

    Release 7-17-2005 (3.7 MB)

This project aims to create Ultima 6 under the Exult engine. At present, the author is in the process of converting Britain to the U7-style map. For more information, see this thread on the Exult forums.

89    Ultima Classics Revisited

Produced By: Gregory Maculo
Web Site: ucr.emptyspaces.net
Status: Inactive

    Release 0.1.2 Beta (Source) (2.8 MB)
    Release 0.1.2 Beta (Win32) (3.3 MB)

This project aims to make Ultima's 1-6 and Akalabeth playable on today's computers using a common engine. So far only Akalabeth and U1 appear to work. The version of Akalabeth that comes with the package has been completely rewritten, and both (working) games also have midi music!

UCR is a project to remake the engines for Ultima 0 through Ultima 6 with the goal of making it more convenient and enjoyable to play these classics. UCR features optionally upgraded graphics and is executable natively on modern computers (*nix, windows, mac, etc). All the engines (except for Aklabeth, which was converted 100% from the original basic source code) require an installed copy of the original games.

No updates appear to have been made to the engine for quite some time so it is assumed to be inactive.

59    XU4 - Ultima IV Recreated

Good ol' bundle-of-laughs himself Good ol' bundle-of-laughs himself

Produced By: Andrew Taylor
Web Site: xu4.sourceforge.net
Status: Complete

    Version 1.0b3 (Win32) (1.1 MB)
    Version 1.0b3 (Fedora RPM) (2.4 MB)
    Version 1.0b3 (MacOS X) (3 MB)
    Version 1.0b3 Source (408.7 kB)
    Version 1.0b3 Source (Fedora RPM) (416.2 kB)

Andrew Taylor has been working on an SDL-based version of Ultima IV. The goal? To have U4 operating on multiple platforms, much like what Exult provides for U7.

XU4 isn't a new game based on the Ultima IV story -- it is a faithful recreation of the old game, right up to the crappy graphics. If you are looking for a game with modern gameplay and graphics, this is not it -- yet. New features that improve the gameplay and keep with the spirit of the original game will be added.

XU4 also seeks to document the file formats on U4, which is a constant work-in-progress. Consult their website for more information.

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