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About The Reconstruction

The Story

In the Britannian year following the destruction of the Black Gate, Lord British and his High Council ordered the reparation of the kingdom in the wake of the devastation wrought by the Guardian. This time was known as The Reconstruction! Fellowship Halls were razed to the ground; the ruins of Skara Brae were buried and the city rebuilt; Guardian collaborators were arrested and tried; and efforts to heal the fallen shrines were soon underway.

But sadly, in retrospect, the efforts to restore the kingdom were for naught for soon thereafter the Guardian conquered Britannia again, twisting it beyond all recognition. Yea, though to the untrained eye Britannia was perhaps even more beautiful a sight to behold than ever before, a much more sinister evil had infiltrated the hearts and minds of its people. Soon, those who ventured into Britannia had come to realize that all the many shades and colors of rich Sosarian history and society were erased from memory, until the world stood as a pale shadow of its former self; a reminder of what was. Even the Avatar, whose name and deeds were sung through the ages, had forgotten critical lessons from the past, imposing the Virtues upon absent-minded subjects as Law.

It is even said that the symbols of the Guardian... the Sphere, the Tetrahedron, and the Cube, can be seen in the sky on a clear night, their influence never departed.

For some, this blasphemy was too much to bear and they exiled themselves forever to pursue some greater destiny in another world of their own. But others, undaunted by the devastation, forged ahead to rebuild this world that had inspired them so. Thus, a new age in Sosarian history was born - The Age of Reconstruction!

This Site's Role

The Reconstruction is a library of all the online development efforts whose goal is to provide some advancement in quality to an Ultima series game. It is not any one project and does not produce any software. Instead, its purpose is to be a gathering place for the community-wide effort to improve the quality of the Ultima series. Some of the games are being technically upgraded to work as intended on newer systems, others are being remade completely from scratch. We invite you to examine these landmark projects in the online Ultima community, and perhaps even contribute one of your own.

What if my project is not listed?

Then email me with a description of your project and a link to your web page, or the site where your project is hosted if you do not have a web page. I will add you to our database under the appropriate heading for your project.

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