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3D Remakes

An Ultima Remake project is a fan-based effort to rewrite an Ultima game from scratch, usually with a much more modern interface and advanced technical features. 3D remakes attempt to move beyond the traditional tile-based role-playing interface to a newer, much more visually immersive level of play.

69    Avatarship - Ultima 4

Britannia on a dungeon floor? Britannia on a dungeon floor?

Produced By: Zonker (Seb)
Web Site: nwvault.ign.com/Files/modules/data/1027650712040.shtml
Status: Complete

    NwN Module v1.3 (2.7 MB)
    NwN HakPak (for v1.3) (48 MB)
    NwN Music Pack (18.8 MB)
    Manual (MS Word Doc) (767.5 kB)

Avatarship (formerly known as the Lyrac Project) is a NeverWinter Nights-based remake of Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar.

It appears there is no further work put into this project as its website (formerly www.lyrac.net) has been unavailable for quite some time. However, the author posted the final version of the module (October 2003) on the NW Vault.

66    Eriadain

The summoning of Pyros The summoning of Pyros

Produced By: Moa Dragon (Lead)
Web Site: eriadain.multimania.com
Status: Inactive

Eriadain (once known as Alter-U9) was an effort to remake Ultima IX: Ascension with the "original plot" released by former U9 developer Bob White. The game was to be developed using the NeverWinter Nights engine. Eriadain's developers had founded this project based upon the fact that many Ultima fans felt the story in the released version of U9 was considerably wanting (for lack of a better word) and was but a shadow of both the intended vision and the fans' expectations for U9.

While Moa Dragon has abandoned work on Eriadain, he has released the NwN modules, design documents, and source code to Withstand the Fury Dragon for posterity. WtF Dragon hosts the partially-complete modules and hack packs on the Aiera website, but keeps the design documents and source code for any who are willing to pick up the torch.

24    The Ultima 6 Project

A red moongate beckons beyond the gypsy wagon A red moongate beckons beyond the gypsy wagon

Produced By: The Archon Team, Sliding Dragon (Founder)
Web Site: www.u6project.com
Status: Active

    Trailer (7.5 MB)
    DivX Codec (required for trailer) (851.8 kB)
    Tech Demo (36.8 MB)
    Milestone 1 (147.9 MB)
    Milestone 2 (225.6 MB)

This is an effort to remake Ultima VI: The False Prophet using the 3D Siege engine of Dungeon Siege. This game is also built on the core world elements of Project Britannia. Here is an excerpt from their web site:

The Ultima 6 Project was formed in 2001 by Sliding Dragon to develop a remake of Origin's Ultima VI: The False Prophet with newer graphics and a more immersive engine. Soon assembled under the banner Archon, the team members, who hail from all over the globe, have set about recreating the world of Britannia, adding an enhanced storyline to bolster intraseries continuity and building on the Ultima legacy in a way that will please fans new and old.

Since their inception, the project has released a technical demo and two subsequent impressive milestone releases showing that they are making significant progress and committed to a final release.

115    U5 Lazarus - Enhanced Graphics Mod

LB's empty throne room LB's empty throne room

Produced By: XiDragon
Web Site: 3dworx.4gamers.de
Status: Active

    Version 1.0 (2.1 kB)

This is a graphics enhancement mod made by XiDragon for the Lazarus remake of Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny.

The mod only replaces textures and existing 3D models. There will be no changes to any ingame logic like story, quests, characters and so on. What I did was just aiming for a graphical overhaul.

20    Ultima 1 - A Legend is Reborn

A town in Sosaria A town in Sosaria

Produced By: Peroxide
Web Site: www.peroxide.dk/ultima.shtml
Status: Inactive

    Tech Demo 1 (3.7 MB)
    Tech Demo 2.5.1 (Windows) (29.3 MB)
    Tech Demo 2.5.1 (Linux) (28.6 MB)
    Tech Demo 2 (Windows) (18 MB)
    Tech Demo 2.5 (Windows) (32.2 MB)
    Tech Demo 2.5.1 Radeon Patch (208.6 kB)

Once the envy of Ultima fans, this project was an attempt to remake Ultima 1: The First Age of Darkness in an amazing and entirely homegrown 3D engine. Peroxide quickly established themselves as one of the pioneers in the Ultima 3D remake genre with this project. But after a few years in development and two (and a half) technical demos, the project came to an abrupt end in January 2003. Citing legal concerns with EA over the Ultima name and content since they could not obtain written permission, Peroxide decided to abandon the Ultima universe and begin anew. Their new (but Ultima-inspired) project was dubbed Era: The Arken-Throne, but after some time this too was canceled. The former project site for Era says to expect another new title, but it has remained this way for some time.

This page hosts all of Peroxide's released work on this project which consists of their series of technical demos and a patch for the Radeon 9700.

73    Ultima 2 - Enilno

A small village A small village

Produced By: Titans of Ether
Web Site: ultima.cfkasper.de
Status: Inactive

Enilno is a recreation of Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress. Its aim is to recreate the setting of Minax's reign in Sosaria rather than Earth. They will also try to portray the terrain of the Lands of Lord British in an "intermediate" state between U1 and U3.

Originally, Enilno was lead by Enildo Sage and was to be built atop a home-grown engine. However, beyond the project design and some initial screenshots of the engine, the project failed to make considerable headway. In July 2005, the project was absorbed into the Titans of Ether series of projects. It is now staged to employ the Oblivion engine. Per the Enilno FAQ, development on Enilno may possibly begin after U10 A New King is complete but definitely not until U9 Redemption is complete.

85    Ultima 4 Reborn

Produced By: Devi
Web Site: nwvault.ign.com/Files/modules/data/1058835915945.shtml
Status: Complete

    NwN Module (5 MB)
    Readme (1.9 kB)

This is a completed remake of Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar using the Neverwinter Nights engine. Other than the obvious 3D-nature of the world, this version varies from the original in more than a couple aspects: moongates don't appear/disappear with Trammel phase changes; and reagents need only be bought or gathered once but can only be mixed at alchemy desks.

This is a reproduction of the gaming classic, Ultima IV. I adhered as closely as I was able to the original game in terms of dialogue and areas. All cities, towns, and castles are represented; the countryside was broken up into regions. Included is a .jpg of the countryside and how the regions are linked together.

21    Ultima 5 - Lazarus

Beside the Minoc Moongate Beside the Minoc Moongate

Produced By: Tiberius Moongazer (Lead)
Web Site: www.u5lazarus.com
Status: Complete

    Trailer 1 (Sockwave) (1.6 MB)
    Trailer 2 Large (AVI DivX) (8.5 MB)
    Trailer 2 Small (AVI DivX) (5.4 MB)
    Tech Demo 1 (Windows/MacOS X) (22.8 MB)
    Tech Demo 2 (Windows) (87.6 MB)
    Tech Demo 2 (MacOS X) (100 MB)
    Lazarus v1.20 (Windows - English) (521 MB)

Lazarus is a complete remake of Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny under the Dungeon Siege Engine. It features a fully immersive 3D world, digitally remastered music, an enhanced & enriched plot, new characters and side quests, and rendered cutscenes. This game is also built on the core world elements of Project Britannia.

Lazarus has version 1.20 available for download in either English or French translations for the Windows platform, or the English language only for the Macintosh platform. Due to the size of the download (521MB each!), the Reconstruction will only be hosting the Windows/English release. For other releases, go to the Lazarus download page. Note you will also need to own or purchase a full version of Dungeon Siege to play this game.

In addition, I've kept the "legacy" Lazarus downloads hosted here for posterity's sake, which includes two technical demos and two trailers. Note that the AVI Trailer 2 requires the Divx codec in order to playback properly.

103    Ultima 8 for NwN

Bentic's Library Bentic's Library

Produced By: Red Mage
Web Site: nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=modules.Detail&id=5174
Status: Active

    2004 Demo (405.3 kB)

This is a remake of Ultima VIII: Pagan for the NeverWinter Nights engine. The story goes that, shortly after this mod began development and was posted to NwN Vault in August 2004, the Red Mage abruptly halted development when it was discovered that a similar project (U8 Exile) already existed. However, since Exile was formally canceled in 2006, development on this project appears to have begun once again as of September 2006.

The demo which is hosted here requires the two commercial expansions (SoU and HotU) as well as the CEP version 1. Adam Miller's Demon Hak is also required.

86    Ultima 9 - Infinity Eternal

An overhead shot of Fawn An overhead shot of Fawn

Produced By: Thepal
Web Site: www.etherealsoftware.com.au/ultima/

    Morrowind Demo (4.3 MB)

This is a recreation of Ultima 9 Ascension. It will be an Oblivion (TES4) mod, though some preliminary work and a Demo has been released in the Morrowind (TES3) engine. Unlike U9 Redemption, it aims to keep the best parts of U9's released story in the game, but enhance it to make a more compelling story. In the author's own words:

... my goal is to work with the best parts of Ascension to make a new game that follows main parts of the plot but will hopefully satisfy the fans that were unhappy with the original Ultima 9.

26    Ultima 9 - Redemption

A view of the Cape of Heroes A view of the Cape of Heroes

Produced By: Titans of Ether
Web Site: ultima.cfkasper.de
Status: Active

Ultima IX: Redemption is a remake of Ultima IX. Unlike Eriadain and Ascension, Redemption's story is entirely original, borrowing nothing from Bob White's "original plot". The goal is to create a game that is a suiting end to the Ultima series with multiple endings and fulfill several requirements that LB once said U9 would meet: a strong ethical theme, "grey areas" in dealing with virtue, a war-like atmosphere, and world interactivity. U9 Redemption will be built using the Morrowind engine.

The authors are also constructing a sequel to their rewritten U9 story, Ultima 10: A New King, which may (or may not) foretell the fate of the beloved monarch.

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