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Underworld Remakes

An Ultima Remake project is a fan-based effort to rewrite an Ultima game from scratch, usually with a much more modern interface and advanced technical features. The Underworld remakes are unique in that they are both "3D" and "classic" in some sense and there are relatively many of them.

116    Abysmal Engine

UW1 in Abysmal Engine UW1 in Abysmal Engine

Produced By: Julien Langer
Web Site: abysmal.sourceforge.net

A replacement engine for Ultima Underworld 1 & 2 as well as System Shock.

70    Labyrinth of Worlds

The main cast, assembled in the throne room... The main cast, assembled in the throne room...

Produced By: Marc A. Pelletier
Web Site: low.sourceforge.net

    Required DLLS (Windows only) (445.1 kB)
    LoW Data Files (12-30-2002) (1002.5 kB)
    LoW 0.4 (Linux) (107.1 kB)
    LoW 0.4 (Windows) (304.9 kB)
    LoW 0.4 (Source) (512.8 kB)
    LoW 3D Models (11-06-2002) (7.5 MB)
    LoW Music Files (09-20-2002) (18.7 MB)
    LoW Sound Files (09-20-2002) (3.8 MB)

What is LoW, you ask? Simply put, it's a rewrite for modern architectures of the incredily good game Ultima Underworld 2: Labyrith of Worlds that came out it the early 90's. I'm rewriting it from the ground up, while trying to keep the feel and spirit of the original masterpiece intact.

31    TSSHP - The System Shock Hack Project

Wandering the first level of the Abyss Wandering the first level of the Abyss

Produced By: Jim Cameron
Web Site: tsshp.sourceforge.net
Status: Inactive

    TSSHP v0.2.10f (Source) (396.6 kB)
    TSSHP v0.2.10f (Win32) (644.9 kB)

TSSHP is an effort to reverse enginer then rebuild the game engine for System Shock. "What does this have to do with Ultima?", you may ask. As it turns out, System Shock and the Ultima Underworlds were built using the same rendering engine. In addition to loads of technical information on the secret inner-workings of SS and UW, Jim has an experimental engine available for download as well. The engine requires the SDL graphics library.

As Jim has been unavailable for several years, Christian Haas - one of the code contributors - has requested administrative control over the Sourceforge project. He explains below:

My plan for now is to act as a housekeeper - for both the code and the resource information - there still seem to be people who want to make another recreation of System Shock and I'd like to see the knowledge base about the resource format at one place.

27    Ultima Underworld 1 Remake

The Abyss, rerendered The Abyss, rerendered

Produced By: Twister Software
Web Site: sourceforge.net/projects/uwsa/
Status: Inactive

    Demo - Abyss Test (203.6 kB)
    Demo - OpenGL Test (40 kB)
    Tech Demo 0.1 (3.5 MB)

This is a remake of Ultima Underworld 1 currently in development by Twister Software. There is no news on its status, but it is assumed abandoned as the Twister website has been unavailable for a few years.

71    Underworld 2 Revival

What was once LB's courtyard... What was once LB's courtyard...

Produced By: Dreamforger
Web Site: uw2rev.sourceforge.net
Status: Inactive

    Shared Files 11-11-2002 (103.8 kB)
    Revival 11-11-2002 (Source) (386.4 kB)
    Revival 11-11-2002 (Win32) (100.8 kB)
    Manual 11-11-2002 (5 kB)

This is a remake of Underworld II for Windows. There have been no updates on its progress since 2002.

60    Underworld Adventures

Birds-eye view of Level 1 Birds-eye view of Level 1

Produced By: Michael Fink
Web Site: uwadv.sourceforge.net
Status: Inactive

    UW Adv MusicPack v2 (6.9 MB)
    Mojito 0.9 (Win32) (794 kB)
    Mojito 0.9 (Linux RPM) (571.9 kB)
    Mojito 0.9 (Source RPM) (1.5 MB)
    Mojito 0.9 (Linux Debian) (730.7 kB)
    Mojito 0.9 (Source) (1.5 MB)

Underworld Adventures was an effort to recreate the Underworld engine using the original game data files such that it runs on modern operating systems. It came quite far in development, but sadly, as of February 2007, the author reports that he has discontinued work on the project.

I didn't find enough time in the last few months and years to productively work on the project. Another thing that slowed me down a bit is the fact that it should be possible without much work to get Ultima Underworld 1 and 2 to run on Windows XP and later (via the proper settings), using DosBox under non-Windows operating systems, or with using VMware (Player) to emulate the old operating systems.

82    Underworld Game Creation Kit (UGCK)

You enter the Abyss... You enter the Abyss...

Produced By: Kasper Fauerby
Web Site: www.peroxide.dk/ugck/

    Demo v1.0 (20.2 MB)

Following in the footsteps of the authors of TSSHP and UW Adv, Kasper Fauerby has written a game engine intended to support Ultima Underworld I on modern platforms using the original game's data files. From the readme:

UGCK is an attempt of creating an old-school RPG engine capable of running games similar to the classic Ultima Underworld games. This release ships with a game module that tries to re-implement the original UW1 game, using as much original data as possible. The module is not complete at this time and it is not possible to play the game as such.

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