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Inspired Works

Inspired works are games that do not take place in the Ultima world or add anything to its storyline, but are attributed to the principles and play style on which the Ultima Series was built.

58    Arx Fatalis

Hiding in the corner... Hiding in the corner...

Produced By: Arkane Studios
Web Site: www.arxfatalis-online.com
Status: Complete

Arkane Studios, in recognizing the superior gameplay style of the Ultima Underworlds, built this game in their honor. It features a strong plot, various subquests, dialogues with different races of NPC's, character customisation and progression, runic magic, and a high level of world interactivity. As a result, the game has been hailed by many as what should have been Ultima Underworld III if it was set in the Ultima universe.

Since the demo is 150 MB, the Reconstruction will not be hosting it, however you may download it from 3D Gamers.

108    Ashes: Two Worlds Collide

Conversation in the U7-looking city streets Conversation in the U7-looking city streets

Produced By: The Ashes Team
Web Site: ashes.lalista.org
Status: Active

Ashes is a project which borrows some of its inspiration from Ultima VII. Some of the graphics and world elements resemble U7, including the somewhat cartoonish appearance. The story of Ashes consists of the world of Pangea, a very green and relatively peaceful world where magic is commonplace; and Damocles, a technologically advanced civilization, but no longer lush. For quite some time, Damocles has been spying on Pangea...

Ashes is strongly inspired by three milestones of the RPG history: Ultima VII, Drakkhen and Demon's Winter: we're trying to replicate the exploration, atmosphere and compelling plots of such classics, adding some brand new ingredients to their winning recipe.

57    Dransik

A fight in the pub A fight in the pub

Produced By: Asylumsoft
Web Site: www.dransik.com
Status: Complete

    Installer (479.4 kB)

Dransik is a Online Multiplayer RPG built in honor of Ultima V. In fact, its graphics very closely resemble the tiles used in U5, with an SVGA facelift. The game was actually started by Jason Ely, one of the developers on U8. This was an excerpt from their website:

Unlike other Online RPGs, Dransik gives the player something they long for... The opportunity to be the Hero. The focus of the game is to make the player feel that they make a difference and that they are actually a great adventurer, not a bread maker or rabbit killer.

Over time, Dransik evolved into a new RPG which came to be known as Ashen Empires. However, the original Dransik is still available (and playable online!) from the above website. You can either choose to play for free (which has certain inventory restrictions) or with an Ashen Empires account.

75    EUO

Wandering the wilderness... Wandering the wilderness...

Produced By: Max Breedon
Web Site: swut.net/euo/
Status: Complete

    EUO 1.1.10 (3.1 MB)

EUO is an MMORPG built in the style of Ultima's 4 and 5. The EUO game universe is an original creation, however it borrows some names and concepts from Ultima as well (e.g. Bucc's Den, Monitor, the virtues). This excerpt from their website:

EUO borrows a lot from other RPG's. It uses a UO like skill system without player classes for character definition. Combat is based on D&D dice rolling, with some UO influences. The interface is Ultima 5, while most of the tiles are 'borrowed' from Ultima 4. Magic uses's Ultima 5's word based system, but spells are borrowed from all sorts of games. Random dungeon generation is inspired by nethack.

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