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Fan Patches

Fan patches are those packages released by an Ultima fan to either repair bugs in a game that were never fixed by Origin, solve platform compatibility issues, or enhance the gaming experience.

104    Forgotten World - A U9 Project

Britain in the FW Terrain Editor Britain in the FW Terrain Editor

Produced By: Team Forgotten World
Web Site: www.forgottenworld.de
Status: Active

    Freedom Mod 1.0 (3.1 MB)

The purpose of Forgotten World is to integrate the "hidden" maps of Ultima IX: Ascension that were shipped with the game (such as Cove and Asylum) back into the game. They are currently decoding the U9 data files and have already decoded the textures and shapes to the point where they can import them into other 3D tools.

Here is some information on how the project began:

An interesting aspect of Ultima IX Ascension was the fact that its originally intended game world was much bigger than the final release's one. The worldmap was sized down during the development, but some unused maps where released with the game, maybe to demonstrate the original plans. The biggest one of these unused maps was map5, which was supposed to be Cove. It was a very detailed overworld map, mainly a mountain area.

The quality of this remnant encouraged "Firstknight" to integrate map5 into the game. His intention was to replace the prison of LB Castle with map5 that he now called FORGOTTEN WORLD. Therefore, he wanted to fix the map, modify the terrain and add many objects (vegetation, animals, monsters, treasures) to the game world.

This project was begun by FIrstkniGHT in 2004 as a "Freedom Mod" to U9. FIrstkniGHT has since left the project. The original Freedom Mod is available above.

17    Ultima 1 Graphics Fix

Produced By: Arthur DiBianca
Web Site: www.ece.concordia.ca/~ac_march/Ultima1-6FAQ.html

    Graphics Fix (38.7 kB)

This patch fixes a graphics glitch in U1 that manifests with certain video cards.

From the readme file:

On some video cards, Ultima I doesn't display properly in its default EGA mode. The graphics go black-and-white and eventually get garbled. This problem is caused by a bug in the 'out.exe' file.

28    Ultima 6 MT-32 Drivers

Produced By: Nodling
Web Site: www.geocities.com/nodling/

    MPU-401 MT-32 Driver (6.1 kB)
    SoundBlaster MT-32 Driver (4 kB)

Ultima VI's MT-32 driver does not properly output music data to the MT-32 module on fast processor speeds. Nodling has built two drivers for U6 that corrects this problem: the first works with a standard MPU-401 MIDI interface, and the second with the SoundBlaster's MIDI interface. The latter interface was also incompatible with the original MT-32 driver.

61    Ultima 6 PC Speaker Patch

Produced By: Finire Dragon

    PC Speaker Patch (115.4 kB)

This patch corrects the timing of the PC Speaker in Ultima VI such that the sounds are heard correctly on anything faster than a 286 processor.

Finire does not currently have a web page for this project, only a download link.

96    Ultima 7 Avatar Pack

Some new Avatar portraits Some new Avatar portraits

Produced By: Marzo Sette Torres Jr (Geometrodynamic Dragon)
Web Site: www.seventowers.org
Status: Active

    Female Redhead Patch v1.0 (175.7 kB)
    Avatar Pack 0.10.00 (214.3 kB)

Marzo has yet another mod for Exult which gives you a whole new set of Avatar portraits to choose from. There are 12 new portraits in total. They will replace the standard portraits that are shipped with the games. It works with both Black Gate and Serpent Isle. Note you need the absolute latest (post 3/18/07) snapshot of Exult 1.4 for this mod to work.

This mod takes the place of Marzo's older patch for Exult that added only a female redhead Avatar to Ultima 7 (which is still available for download here).

This mod is also now integrated into the Black Gate Keyring mod.

90    Ultima 7 Black Gate Keyring Mod

Produced By: Marzo Sette Torres Jr
Web Site: www.seventowers.org
Status: Active

    BG Keyring Mod 0.11.09 (701.7 kB)

This fan-made mod for the Black Gate adds several enchangements to the game if running it under Exult. As its name implies, its original purpose was to add a much-needed keyring to the game, but several new additions have been added since. These include an improved Orb of the Moons, a basement for Serpent's Hold (with the Flame of Courage), the ability to meditate at the shrines and view the Codex, a gradual cleanup of Lock Lake, and NPC spellcasting. In addition, both the Avatar Pack and Quests and Interactions mods are integrated into this mod.

I am planning to add a lot of things to the second map in the future versions; for example:

  1. The basement of LB's castle (such as the one seen in UW2)
  2. The Catacombs of Moonglow (they were there in U6 after all...)
  3. Maybe a new 'underground' level for some dungeons
  4. Dungeon Deceit entrance will be returned to the small island to the right of Dagger Isle, where it belongs
  5. The inside of the Generators will be moved to the new map
  6. Dungeon Shame and Dungeon Despise will be unswapped and uncoupled.

At present, it only works on U7BG with the Forge of Virtue add-on. You will also need the latest snapshot of Exult 1.4 available from the Exult website.

For more information, see this thread on the Exult forums.

92    Ultima 7 Black Gate Quests & Interactions

Produced By: Alun Bestor
Web Site: www.wiredentertainment.net/exult/

    Quests & Interactions v0.5beta (294.6 kB)
    Interactions only v0.5beta (63.4 kB)

This fan-made patch for Exult provides more ways to interact with world items and a number of additional quests to Ultima 7: The Black Gate. For example, you can now grind wheat, milk cows, churn butter, shear sheep, and weave cloth. There were some changes to fishing and there is also fix to the pocketwatch. As for quests, there is now a subquest to return the rune of Honor to Trinsic.

It only works under U7 Black Gate with the Forge of Virtue add-on and requires Exult 1.2 or greater.

94    Ultima 7 Black Gate Rankin Fix

Produced By: Curiousis0Gruck
Web Site: www.wiredentertainment.net/exult/

    Rankin Fix v1.0 (3.8 kB)

This simple patch for the Black Gate fixes a bug where your conversation with Rankin could infinitely loop. It requires that you run Ultima 7 under Exult 1.2 or later.

39    Ultima 7 General MIDI Patch

Produced By: Newton Dragon

    Black Gate GM Patch (160.8 kB)
    Serpent Isle GM Patch (212.9 kB)

These patches add General MIDI (GM) music to Ultima 7 Parts 1 and 2. See the included README for instructions on how to apply. Let's hope someone makes a patch to upgrade the sound fx as well.

13    Ultima 7 in Windows

Produced By: Dragon Baroque
Web Site: members.iinet.net.au/~rsd/

    U7 Win9x 1.20 (23.2 kB)
    U7 Win9x 1.20 Source (152.1 kB)
    U7 Win2K 1.20 (8.4 kB)
    U7 WinXP 1.20 (9.3 kB)
    U7 WinXP 1.20 Source (32.1 kB)

For years, veteran Dragons have been plagued with the question from newer Ultima fans: "How do I get Ultima 7 to run under a Windows environment?" The answer usually involved lengthy explanations of DOS memory managment and several email exchanges over the contents of those two system files of yore, CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT. The problem largely involved the infamous memory manager known as Voodoo, built into the U7 program.

In September of 2000, that all changed. Dragon Baroque created a wrapper program that allowed the Voodoo memory manager to run safely in a Windows environment. The original patch is for Windows 95/98/ME, but Dragon Baroque has also recently added support for Windows 2000 and XP.

91    Ultima 7 Serpent Isle Fixes

Produced By: Marzo Sette Torres Jr (Geometrodynamic Dragon)
Web Site: www.seventowers.org
Status: Active

    SI Fixes 0.15.04 (234.7 kB)

This is a fan-made patch for Serpent Isle under Exult. It fixes several bugs that have plagued the game since its release. This includes the healing of Cantra, corrections to the exchanged items list, the Chaos Heirophant's ghost bug, the "teleporting pillers" bug, the Firesnake spell now works, and a score of other fixes.

It has only been tested with the Silver Seed add-on installed and relies on the latest CVS snapshot of the 1.4 version of Exult.

14    Ultima 8 in Windows

Produced By: Dragon Baroque
Web Site: members.iinet.net.au/~rsd/

    Version 1.14 (40.2 kB)

In the spirit of U7Win9x, Dragon Baroque proved his disassembly prowess once again with his second landmark patch. Like it's predecessor, U8Win9x lets the Ultima fan enjoy Ultima VIII in a MS Windows 9x/ME enviroment. But don't let the name of the patch fool you; the mystery of its power doesn't stop there. Legend has it that this patch also lets you play U8 in Windows NT, 2000, or XP, and possibly even under Linux's DosEMU.

36    Ultima 9 Patch 1.19f

Produced By: Anonymous

    Patch v1.19f (1.9 MB)

Legend has it that this patch was the work of a U9 developer, frustrated by the number of bugs and its poor Direct 3D support. Regardless, in addition to improving your D3D performance, the patch also tweaks spell damage some, removes the safedisc protection, and fixes the "too many items" bug. You must have official patch 1.18f applied before installing this patch.

38    Ultima Underworld General MIDI Patch

Produced By: Panzer Dragon

    UW1 GM Patch (58.4 kB)
    UW2 GM Patch (64.3 kB)

These patches add General MIDI (GM) music to Ultima Underworld 1 and 2. See the included README for instructions on how to apply. Let's hope someone makes a patch to upgrade the sound fx as well.

52    Underworld to WinNT

Produced By: Moscow Dragon, Sir Cabirus Dragon
Web Site: www.sircabirus.com/ultimaunderworld/pages/

    UW Patch (44.4 kB)

This patch allows you to run both Ultima Underworlds on Windows NT and 2000 platforms. We don't yet know about XP, though. Moscow Dragon originally discovered this fix for UW2. Sir Cabirus Dragon later built the patch and added support for UW1. Here's a message from Sir Cabirus about possible video incompatibilites:

some of you wasn't able to play Ultima Underworld under Windows XP/2000 (with the patch of course ;-) - if you got a frozen screen while the music was still playing (with VDMSound) and you are a owner of a Nvdia card - rejoice. This issue was apparently caused by the driver. Try the new Detonator 2920 driver (ok - it's a beta driver) and enjoy Ultima Underworld again.

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