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More Exult mods

Thu 07/20/2006, 9:34:03 am PDT

  posted by Voyager

I found three more mods for Exult this morning that I apparently glossed over yesterday. The engine has been evolving as well to accommodate these new mods.

Check 'em out!

Exult patches and mods

Wed 07/19/2006, 10:54:30 pm PDT

  posted by Voyager

It appears interest in Exult has mushroomed over the past year as there are now several patches and mods for U7 under Exult. Some of these fix age-old bugs (e.g. an infinate convo loop), patch plot holes (such as the healing of Cantra in SI), add new features (like a keyring in BG), or even result in a spiffy new 3D rendering of the Ultima 7 world. Here are the list of new projects that have been added to the Reconstruction:

Pentagram Update

Sat 06/24/2006, 10:33:58 am PDT

  posted by Voyager

It is now possible to finish Ultima 8 in Pentagram. From the Pentagram website:

While it is currently possible to finish Ultima 8 using Pentagram, not everything is fully working yet. (Save regularly!) In the game itself, most notably, the combat AI of monsters is still very limited. Climbing and hanging are not yet entirely functional, and there are still quite a few minor things which are not working as well as they should.

Furthermore, support for the Japanese version of U8 has been added. The latest snapshots have been uploaded to the UtR site.

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