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Fan Translations

Translation projects are patches to games written by the fans that present the game in a written language other than English.

110    Black Gate in Spanish

Produced By: David Colmenero
Web Site: david.dantoine.org/contenido/12/
Status: Active

    Patch 1.3 Beta Final (539.3 kB)

This project is in the process of converting Ultima VII: The Black Gate entirely to Spanish. This patch requires Exult.

109    Serpent Isle in French

Produced By: Klown Killer & Artaxerxes
Web Site: si-french.sourceforge.net
Status: Active

    SI French 1.031 (Windows) (2.4 MB)
    SI French 1.031 (Linux) (2.5 MB)

This project is an effort to translate Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle completely to French. Note that a French translation for its predecessor, The Black Gate, was released by Origin/EA in 1992. The project is nearly complete - only the proofreading needs to be finished. This patch requires Exult.

112    Ultima 7 Babylon

Produced By: Babylon Team
Web Site: ultima.oldgamesitalia.com
Status: Active

    BG Italian Preview (3.1 MB)

This is an effort to provide an Italian translation of Ultima VII: The Black Gate and Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle. At present a preview of the Black Gate patch is available. This patch requires a 1.4 build of Exult.

111    Ultima 7 in Russian

Produced By: Dr Cat
Web Site: catslair.ucoz.ru
Status: Complete

    BG Russian 1.0 (2.1 MB)
    SI Russian 1.0 (685.1 kB)

This (now completed) project provides Russian language support for Ultima VII: The Black Gate and Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle. This patch requires Exult.

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